MUSIKLAB mastering with John Elleson-Hartley

Mastering by John Elleson-Hartley

My job as a Mastering Engineer is to take your music, listen, and adjust it to have that professional polished sound ready for release.

Whether your tracks are destined for CD, iTunes, online streaming, video gameā€¦ the essential mastering stage will enhance your music to compete in our highly competitive industry.

I also bring a fresh pair of ears to your project – as a musician myself, I know how easy it is to miss little things when you have been completely absorbed in a project. That’s why I offer a free appraisal of your mixes just in case there is anything that could be fixed at the mixing stage, saving time and money, and working with you to produce great sounding music.

Each project is unique and I will choose techniques and processes to compliment your style of music. There is no demo standard today. A professional quality and sound is expected first time – and I work personally with my clients to help them achieve this.

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