It’s been fantastic fun working on this Adventure Time release for Marcus Hedges. I’m not a gamer so am pretty oblivious to this music though I can understand why Marcus is so hooked on it!

This was a stem mastering project which gave me extra control with the vocals and the orchestral arrangement helping bring the music to life.

Adventure Time Trailer

About The Trend Orchestra

The Trend Orchestra creates cinematic covers of your most nostalgic video game soundtracks and your favourite TV series themes. These covers have one aim and that’s for you to relive your adventures through music!

The Trend Orchestra is a pseudonym for the composer behind it all, Marcus Hedges. Obsessed with the nostalgia that can be experienced when hearing the soundtrack of a game you played back when you were a child, he set out on a mission to breathe life into these classics so that people can relive their adventures through music in full cinematic goodness!

Black Friday offers a huge amount of temptation each year. Musicians, with their affliction of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), are therefore tempted with even more toys of gear, plugins, and sample libraries.

My two favourite purchases below, as you will see, show that I went large and splashed the cash this year. It’s really satisfying not to have spent a lot of money on something I love using.

Brainworx bx_digital V3 $299 $99

Brainworx bx_digital V3 M/S EQ

The bx_digital V3 was a joy to use straight off with very little learning curve first time when mastering a track. A lovely sounding M/S EQ with an intuitive GUI.

I love how it is arranged with mono (centre) controls on the left, and stereo (side) on the right. Also, the convenience that each setting can be linked quickly with the link buttons. The Stereo Width setting, in the middle of the top section, is very pleasing for some subtle enhancement.

The Dynamic EQs in the middle unit are quick and easy to set with a nice result. The Mono-Maker can also be very handy for phase issues in the bass by making everything below the chosen frequency.

Plug & Mix VIP Bundle $249 $49

Plug & Mix VIP Bundle

What a fantastic collection of little toys!

There are some real gems in the Plug & Mix VIP Bundle of 50 plugins and, like using SoundToys for mixing, I know I’m going to have my favourites that will be used time and time again.

I love how quick the result can be by chucking one or more of these effects onto a track, tweak a bit, and you’re done. They look great too and use the similar UI layout throughout the range.

Ones that I’ve used and liked so far are Analoger, British Tone, California Tone, Degradiator, Dimension 3D, Lo-Fi and Multi-Tap Delay.

What did you buy this Black Friday and how much do you like it? Did you break the bank or go “cost effective”?

I had great fun working on this hybrid cinematic rock track for Stellita Loukas.

Setting up the track with the hard hitting drums and driving guitar to set the stage for the orchestra. Her wonderful writing and imagination gave me plenty to play with.

It was also mastered more for streaming services so isn’t ridiculously loud, retaining much more punch and power than if it had been squashed and limited to hell and back as sometimes tracks can be.

Enjoy 🙂

Fly Away by Stellita Loukas

Stellita Loukas

Have you seen the excellent Michael Palin in North Korea documentary on Channel 5?

Michael Palin in North Korea

The wonderful 80’s inspired synth soundtrack was provided by composer Miguel d’Oliveira.

Listen on Spotify:

Watch the episodes on Channel 5.

Was great fun mastering this soundtrack for Miguel, really playful at times. Loved the Palin documentary too, think the music stood out more to me as I already knew it.

Miguel D'Oliveira - Michael Palin in North Korea

This stunning Love Duet is the creation of composer Roma Yagnik.

Written as part of her project of music for Greenwich+Docklands International Festival 2018.

Love Duet by Roma Yagnik

Beautiful writing and performances like this really do make me smile when I’m mastering 🙂

Roma Yagnik | Website | SoundCloud | Facebook |

When it comes to sonic creativity, Yaiza Varona hits the nail on the head every time. It’s always a pleasure working with her and hearing the sonic palette she has created – the beat in one track is provided by windscreen wipers!

Secret Voice Of Humans

Yaiza Varona's Secret Voice Of Humans

Her album, Secret Voice Of Humans, is the music for the theatrical production of Secret Life Of Humans, written and co-directed by David Byrne. Inspired by Yuval Harari’s international bestseller, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.

Following a sell-out, award-winning run at the Edinburgh Festivals, New Diorama present the London premiere of this show in April 2018.

Secret Life of Humans Trailer – NDT run from New Diorama on Vimeo.

Wonderful news for everyone involved with the beautiful animation “Guide de Jardinage” (Gardening Guide). The film, by Sarah Jane Hatooka and “Charles” of Dominique Etienne Simard, is selected for the short film competition of the 24th National Film Festival of Rennes Metropolitan.

With delightful music composed by Daniel Markovich, here’s his favourite cue from the film that I mastered.

Guide de Jardinage (end credits)

The double bass is performed by Daniel Sonabend.

You know that when producer Deane Ogden contacts you to master a track that it’ll be a little gem to work on. Darkside, by young talent Kaytlyn Cate, didn’t disappoint!

Have a listen and see what you think!

Kaytlyn Cate – Darkside

Singer/songwriter Kaytlyn Cate hails from the picturesque Cascade Mountain range of the Pacific Northwest. Writing about the deepest emotional issues that belie youth and innocence, Kaytlyn’s lyrical work addresses the themes of love, hope, fear, hurt, heartache, and haunting insecurity.

Kaytlyn Cate - Darkside

In addition to writing songs for other artists, Kaytlyn has been hard at work on her forthcoming EP, The Blue Hour, with producers David Samuel and Deane Ogden.

Oure has just been released for the PS4 and the music is by the wonderfully talented composer Ian Livingstone.

Mastering the music for Ian to release it as an album was a delight. Have a listen to it on Spotify and enjoy his lovely writing.

When I’m mastering for composers working to picture I often don’t get to see the final product with the visuals that inspired their music.

Now, imagine how exciting it was for me when I received this video below from the talented Israel based composer/producer Daniel Markovich!

Daniel wrote a fantastic soundtrack for this project and now, having seen it, I can really appreciate his skill that has gone into fitting the music to the visuals. Look out for all those hit points and the instrumentation that relates to what you’re watching.

Here’s his thoughts on the project:

For me, this film is all about people and the diversity we have here in our country.

That thought guided me through the writing process, I tried to keep it interesting and surprising as life is. I especially liked the ending sequence where you see the faces passing by swiftly, unique and beautiful in different ways. Daniel Markovich

The beautiful footage was filmed in Jerusalem during a folklore Festival under the creative direction of film maker Shai Getzoff.