Oure has just been released for the PS4 and the music is by the wonderfully talented composer Ian Livingstone.

Mastering the music for Ian to release it as an album was a delight. Have a listen to it on Spotify and enjoy his lovely writing.

When I’m mastering for composers working to picture I often don’t get to see the final product with the visuals that inspired their music.

Now, imagine how exciting it was for me when I received this video below from the talented Israel based composer/producer Daniel Markovich!

Daniel wrote a fantastic soundtrack for this project and now, having seen it, I can really appreciate his skill that has gone into fitting the music to the visuals. Look out for all those hit points and the instrumentation that relates to what you’re watching.

Here’s his thoughts on the project:

For me, this film is all about people and the diversity we have here in our country.

That thought guided me through the writing process, I tried to keep it interesting and surprising as life is. I especially liked the ending sequence where you see the faces passing by swiftly, unique and beautiful in different ways. Daniel Markovich

The beautiful footage was filmed in Jerusalem during a folklore Festival under the creative direction of film maker Shai Getzoff.

Stick two wonderfully talented people together and what do you get? A winning combination!

When I was mastering this track for Ryo and Aeralie I had no idea what the video side of it was so it is fantastic to now see the music to picture. Even better that the track also won the Sonokinetic competition.

We conclude our annual composing competition with the proud announcement of the winning scores for the original feature “Brothers of Honor”.

With all of the votes counted, the winners are: Ryo ishido & Aeralie Brighton’s score with Grosso, Vivace, Minimal and Da Capo in action. And Runner-up is Matthew L. Fisher’s score with Vivace & Minimal in action. Congratulations! Thank you all for competing this year…


This news is even more exciting for singer Aeralie as she is just now venturing into the composing world.

Launched to the industry this week, “Mirror, Mirror Of My Soul” is Cypher’s third album of this fast expanding production music label.

Below is a very brief introduction to this fantastic cinematic indie collection with the official promo video.

Full of beautiful songs from extremely talented artists, there’s a lot to put a smile on your face! Musical creations by Michelle Lockey, Ethan Okamura, Andy Gabrys, Graham McRae, Frances-Mary Cossey, Rob Oxenbridge, Scott Saraniero, Adriana, Chase Jenkins, Kyle Kniceley, Jeff Martin, Jared Newman and Isha Erskine.

Mirror Mirror Of My Soul Promo

How was that for you? When you get the chance to hear the full tracks take a listen to my favourite, Too Close. Starts at 20 seconds in the video.

Such a brilliant album of tracks brought together under the creative guidance of Rob Oxenbridge. His passion for his music, and Cypher, is amazing and a real joy for me to work with mastering this album.

This fantastic Studio 54 music video is the first single release by Jojo Desmond from her latest album of the same name.

Studio 54

I love working with Jojo as she always gives a wonderful performance plus, as you’ll hear, there’s some damn fine playing on the tracks by Wayne Morgan.

See what you think…

| Jojo Desmond | Website | SoundCloud | YouTube |

It is always a pleasure to work with the talented musician and composer Ryo Ishido and Gemini is yet another musical gem that I’ve loved being part of.

Gemini is the first track to be released from The Zodiac Chronicles from the music duo that is Ryo and Aeralie Brighton. Those of you who don’t already know of Aeralie (why not?) will enjoy her delicious vocals on this track!

Also performing are Alex Pfeffer with his incredible guitar playing and Armen Ksajikian for his stunning cello lines.

As well as handling all the musical production of this track Ryo is also an extremely gifted graphic designer as you can see by the artwork for this track.

Have a listen to Gemini below and see what you think. I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of this album!

“Blueland Tales” is a wonderful track by Frank Pfeiffer and “A musical adventure through a world of tales and fantasy”.

This atmospheric track features the ethereal and dreamy voice of the awesome Zefora Alderman.

I really enjoyed mixing and mastering this track for Frank. Have a listen below and see what you think 🙂

Filmstro has been given the full FILM RIOT treatment and reviewed by host Ryan Connolly.

Being part of the Filmstro team, by overseeing audio production with mixing and mastering of the tracks, it is fantastic to hear such positivity. In fact, the majority of reactions to what the company is creating has been positive and that gives a great boost to everyone involved to keep pushing forward.

The simplicity of the app layout belies the complexity of what is actually happening behind the front end of the software and this is amazingly handled by Christopher Young and Tim Fletcher.

The best part of it for me is working on such a variety of tracks, and styles, from the talented group of composers who are on board.

Overseeing everything and keeping it all focussed is musical director and founder Sebastian Jaeger.

Filmstro. What’s That?

Well, the easiest way to explain it is to watch this FILM RIOT review by Ryan Connolly!

Ryan opens with:

Recently we became aware of this new software that is making it possible for people that are not musically inclined to make music for their film. The tagline on their site is “We’re all composers now” and, while I definitely wouldn’t go that far, this is a really fantastic idea for people trying to score their film without a budget.

Filmstro. It’s an incredibly simple and clean layout. I really dig that actually and I’m in the paid version right now. If you look on their site you see there is a free, fully functional version, that just has limited music and then you have a 20 a month membership that gives you all of their music and you get new songs that they add weekly. So the monthly is definitely the better way to go but it’s pretty awesome that they offer this free starter version too.

Filmstro Launch Into The Future

Filmstro was only launched a few months ago and I loved Ryan’s summing up and definitely think it hits the nail on the head for a new and ground breaking piece of software. There will undoubtably be many new additions coming in the future as it develops and lots learnt from user feedback.

It is we currently only on Mac at the moment but will soon to be followed by a Windows version in March 2016.

With technology comes advancements and challenges and I certainly think Filmstro has a bright future. As a composer who has produced library music I see this, in a way, as Production Music 2.0. Giving the end user the ability to get creative with the music that the composer has provided and adjust it to the requirements of their own project.

Take Filmstro For A Spin

Give Filmstro a go! If you want a FREE month of Filmstro PRO enter this code on sign up: MAKEFILMMUSIC

Head on over to Filmstro.com now!

Blood Moon is the latest album on the Silver Screen label by music for advertising production company Dos Brains!

Below is their fantastic preview montage to showcase the awesome music in this collection. Here’s the blurb for the music:

From a burning mass that gave us birth,
We follow the black that lies beyond our blue,
The bright stars of red and angry hue.
And into a frozen mass we shall turn,
Rapidly and irresistibly drawn to our doom,
Falling in the shadow of a BLOOD MOON.

I always look forward to mastering a Dos Brains album as I know the talent of composers they have on board and their attention to detail.

Enjoy 🙂

Blood Moon, a new release from SILVER SCREEN, mastered by John Elleson-Hartley

From time to time the normal mastering work of albums and production music etc. is interjected with something a little different. One such instance was working for composer Iliya Zaki to master his music that was created for Starlight Alchemy‘s performance in the Singapore Night Festival 2015.

Iliya worked with Starlight Alchemy to produce the music to compliment the beautifully choreographed fire dance performances.

You wouldn’t meet a more passionate, talented and friendly bunch of people working on a project. A dream team if you will. Months and months of hard work put into building the props, writing the storyline.

Almost everything was created by members of Starlight Alchemy. From the fire and light props, the costumes, make-up, stage-rig and choreography. And what was presented during performance day, truly deserved the title, most anticipated local act for the Singapore Night Festival 2015.

The whole performance was separated by 3 acts. To put simply, Act 1 Lights, Act 2 Fire and Act 3 Fire & Lights.

I am truly glad to be part of this dream team as music director and was given the opportunity to compose the tracks for some scenes. Awesome indeed!!

Having the maestro John Elleson-Hartley working his mastering magic on the tracks truly brought the music alive, thus the audience and performers were treated to some top-notch mastering. Including myself!

If time-travel exists, I would do this all over again, especially with such amazing people working together. Iliya Zaki

Iliya Zaki online | SoundCloud |