This 3 track EP, Game of Thrones Epics, was so much fun to master. Composers Marcus Hedges and Ben Hayden combined their skills to orchestrate these GoT masterpieces.

Game of Thrones Epics – Opening Titles

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A wonderful part of my job when mastering is working with my client’s passion and working with them to deliver final masters that they love. Was fantastic to hear what Marcus and Ben both brought to these tracks.

Game of Thrones Epics album cover

“John helps my compositions and arrangements reach their full potential. He’s attentive to what I want for each project and keeps me involved in the process. Without fail, the end result always exceeds my expectations.” Marcus Hedges – Composer

I had great fun working on this hybrid cinematic rock track for Stellita Loukas.

Setting up the track with the hard hitting drums and driving guitar to set the stage for the orchestra. Her wonderful writing and imagination gave me plenty to play with.

It was also mastered more for streaming services so isn’t ridiculously loud, retaining much more punch and power than if it had been squashed and limited to hell and back as sometimes tracks can be.

Enjoy 🙂

Fly Away by Stellita Loukas

Stellita Loukas

Have you seen the excellent Michael Palin in North Korea documentary on Channel 5?

Michael Palin in North Korea

The wonderful 80’s inspired synth soundtrack was provided by composer Miguel d’Oliveira.

Listen on Spotify:

Watch the episodes on Channel 5.

Was great fun mastering this soundtrack for Miguel, really playful at times. Loved the Palin documentary too, think the music stood out more to me as I already knew it.

Miguel D'Oliveira - Michael Palin in North Korea

This stunning Love Duet is the creation of composer Roma Yagnik.

Written as part of her project of music for Greenwich+Docklands International Festival 2018.

Love Duet by Roma Yagnik

Beautiful writing and performances like this really do make me smile when I’m mastering 🙂

Roma Yagnik | Website | SoundCloud | Facebook |

I’ve loved working with Stephan Baer on his recent project of which this gorgeous track, Sirens Of Pandora, is from.

It features the performing talents of Uyanga Bold, Oliver Sadie and Deane Ogden.

Lots more to come in the future! Enjoy 🙂

Copyright © 2015 Stephan Baer

Last year I worked with the awesome Mike Holt by mixing and mastering this track that he wrote with the very talented Laura Conway. Laura’s amazing vocals were recorded by Éanán Patterson.

Mike is now able to share the track online so enjoy listening to it below 🙂

World In Your Hands is available for licensing through Eon Sounds Productions.

There are certain occasions in the studio when I’m mastering music and I just smile throughout the session.

One of those moments was today whilst working on JoJo Desmond‘s latest EP Walk Before You Run, from the moment of seeing the mixes with headroom, through to her wonderful performances and the playing of the performers, and the laid back funky feel the tracks have. I love my job!

The four songs are Common People, Lonely Heart, (Without You) By My Side, and Sad State Of Affairs which were written by JoJo and Wayne Morgan who also produced, recorded and mixed the EP.

James Wilson was on drums and additional keys for Sad State Of Affairs were performed by Craig Smith. Mark Walker engineered and mixed the tracks at Couch Studios, Warrington.

JoJo will soon be supporting The Three Degrees on dates throughout January and February. She’s a talented lady!

Some projects are really interesting and this one for composer Roma Yagnik certainly ticks that box.

I mastered this wonderful composition for her installation project that was part of Enchanted Parks 2014. The music accompanied stunning visuals by Chris Lavelle and was projected onto the Victorian Gothic Mansion Saltwell Towers for a live audience of 21,000 people over 5 nights Commissioned by the Newcastle Gateshead Initiative and Gateshead Council.