Music mastered at MUSIKLAB

Studio 54 music video by Jojo Desmond Blueland Tales by Frank Pfeiffer ft. Zefora Alderman Mastering Daniel Markovich Gemini from The Zodiac Chronicles by Aerlaie Brighton & Ryo Ishido Starlight Alchemy Sets The Singapore Night Festival On Fire Nick Hinton - I Wish I Was Holding Your Hand Blood Moon - Silver Screen release by Dos Brains Deane Ogden - Kwela Satori by Dirk Ehlert Promo video of Cypher's third album release, Mirror Mirror Of My Soul

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Mastering Clients & Testimonials

Deane Ogden - Kwela
Blood Moon ~ Dos Brains
Stephan Baer - Sirens of Pandora
Jojo Desmon - Studio 54

Matthew Beer
Russell Bell
Dos Brains Inc
Richard Erskine
Ryo Ishido

Having mastered my tracks by John is not only a technical decision. Besides bringing the music up to professional standards he also has an incredible gift (and ear) to preserve the musicality and dynamics within. Definitely my first choice when it comes to mastering! Dirk Ehlert

David Lowe
NorthStar Music
Red Ochsenbein
Deane Ogden
Stephan Baer

Filmstro Logo
Courteous Thief - Symphony
David Lowe - BBC News
Brad Hoyt - Far Away From Everyday

Daniel Markovich
Hilgrove Kenrick
Iliyak Zaki
Paul McKeever
Universal Music

These days with the Internet offering all these different automated “Mastering” services it’s just nice to have someone like John. He’s the real deal. Incredible ears and incredibly skilled. I trust his judgement implicitly and he’s always there for you should the need arise. He’s also more than willing to discuss his process and exchange ideas. That to me is crucial. He’s the man and his track record speaks for himself. Stephan Baer

Jarkko Hietanen
Christopher Barnett
Alex Bay
Mike Holt
Sue Rose

Cypher - After Tomorrow
Charlotte Partt - One Night In Istanbul
Frank Pfeiffer - Blueland Tales

Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie
Thery Ehrlich
Kaid Hussain
Cypher Trailer Music
Rob Oxenbridge

Working with John over at Musiklab has been a fantastic experience from day one. Attention to detail, fast turnaround, valuable insight and feedback but most importantly, absolutely fantastic sounding masters. He’s always gotten the most out of our mixes: every detail comes to life with clarity and vibrancy while staying true to each individual track’s sound no matter the style of music. Helluva a mastering engineer this guy! Guillermo De La Barreda | Dos Brains

Stuart Reilly
Steve Brookfield
Nick Hinton
Emmett Cooke

JoJo Desmond - Satisfaction
Nick Hinton - I Wish I Was Holding Your Hand
Roma Yagnik Saltwell Towers Projection

The Housewives
Seb Jaeger
Andrew DeWitt
Eron Falbo

I have to say, to anyone deliberating about whether or not to hire John, I just want to say (in the immortal words of the NIke Corporation) …. JUST DO IT! He has just done a splendid job on mastering one of my musical suites …. quick too! Cheers again J… and (in the immortal words of Arnie) …. I’LL BE BACK! Christopher Barnett

Marie-Anne Fischer
Laurie Grandi
Courteous Thief
Roma Yagnik
Frank Pfeiffer

Ryo Ishido - The Raven
Cypher - Worlds Beyond
Dirk Ehlert - Satori

Mathieu Karsenti
Patrick Kelly
Charlotte Partt
Brad Hoyt
Meena Shamaly

This very second the last one has finished playing. What a great sound John! Very happy. I think you’ve added another dimenson. Thank you! Rob Oxenbridge (Cypher Trailer Music)

Jamie Salisbury
Becky Jerams
Dirk Ehlert
Alvin Kramer
Steinar Lund

Davidson MacFarlane - Winners
Dirk Ehlert - Phenomenon
Hilgrove Kenrick - Somnambulism

Angus MacRae
Vera Lynn & The Swingtime Sweethearts
Grant Martin
David Oliver
David Faniyi

Absolutely love it, really beautiful stuff. Just gives it that subtle something – that extra degree of balance which I always felt it was lacking. Angus MacRae

Jerry Playle
Arkadiusz Reikowski
Nicola Royston

Iliya Zaki - Starlight Alchemy
The 14th Disciple - Fourteen
Courteous Thief - Beyond These Walls

Jonn Savannah
Emily Shreve
Lyla D’Souza
Stock Music International

What a treat to have your mastering engineer send your work back to you, all polished, and when you listen you just go, “ahhhh…. that’s it!”. It’s like a cool drink of water on warm day, or a mug of steaming tea on a chilly one. Hits the spot. Emily Jones

Peter Storr
Paul Cheneour
the14thdisciple & Freands
Richard Vallance

Chrycee - Heavenly
Lyla - Loose Cannons
Katie Morgan - Look Around
Becky Jerams - Misbehave

Mark Waterman
Seb Watzinger
Klaus Wolfgang
Eric Adjei
Alan Broadbent

Want to say a big thank you John for your brilliant mastering of the ep. It was really great to work with someone who took a genuine concern with our tracks offering us help and advise and consulting with Stephen, the mix engineer too. All this was above and beyond the mastering service we expected. Thanks again. Was a pleasure to work with you and look forward to the next project. Katie Morgan & Brian Clayton

Michael Maas - Be A Legend
Sue Rose - Eye On You
Dos Brains - Fearless

It was great to catch up yesterday on the phone and again I wanted to outline how good the songs for the album are. Great work! Scott MacFarlane – Davidson/MacFarlane

Mark Alaway & Mike Eaves
Brendan O’Neil
Vista Musicale
Cirkle Musicmaker
Michael Maas
Bob Edwards
Oliver Wright
Nick Penny

Given the masters a thorough listen on many different systems… your wizardry has surpassed any expectation yet again. Its punchy but levelled and aggressive yet soft and smooth. brilliant. Laurie Housewife – The Housewives

JoJo Desmond - Walk Before You Run
DnK - No Excuses
The Housewives - Cream
Alex Bay - Go With It