Mastering for Composers


You want your music to sound fantastic, and I’m here to help you release great sounding tracks.

To work with you personally, discuss and advise, and master your tracks in my studio so that you enjoy your music, even more, when you release it to the world.

You’ve spent a lot of time and energy creating it. Mastering your music is the final part of the creation process, enhancing it, quality checking, and I love helping at this part of the musical journey.


Direct communication by email/phone.

Evaluation & mix feedback.

De-noising & cleaning if needed.

Musical approach to mastering to bring your music to life.

Fast turnaround.

Up to 2 revisions to make sure you’re completely happy.

FREE track sample – hear how my mastering enhances your music.


Roma Yagnik – Enchanted Parks

Roma Yagnik

I have to say, to anyone deliberating about whether or not to hire John, I just want to say (in the immortal words of the NIke Corporation) …. JUST DO IT! He has just done a splendid job on mastering one of my musical suites …. quick too! Cheers again J… and (in the immortal words of Arnie) …. I’LL BE BACK!

Christopher Barnett

Christopher Barnett