Mixing & Mastering by John Elleson-Hartley

John Elleson-Hartley

John Elleson-Hartley is a mixing and mastering engineer based in the UK.

He has an unwavering commitment to quality, working with passionate composers and artists to squeeze the most out of their music.

Bringing their musical creations to life and giving them a sonic character and polish ready for the world to experience and enjoy.

Clients include Marcus Hedges, Nainita Desai, No Deal Disco, Haakon Davidsen, Arhynn Descy, Ian Livingstone, The Apricot Hounds, Marie-Anne Fischer, Daniel Mulhern, to name a few.

Check out the Credits page for full details of projects he’s mixed and mastered and go to the Contact page to discuss how he can help you with your project.

Album credits for John Elleson-Hartley.
Marcus Hedges

Marcus Hedges


"John helps my compositions and arrangements reach their full potential with his unwavering attention to detail. He’s attentive to what I want for each project and keeps me involved in the process. Without fail, the end result always exceeds my expectations."

Katie Morgan & Brian Clayton


"Want to say a big thank you John for your brilliant mastering of the ep. It was really great to work with someone who took a genuine concern with our tracks offering us help and advise and consulting with Stephen, the mix engineer too. All this was above and beyond the mastering service we expected. Thanks again. Was a pleasure to work with you and look forward to the next project."

Dirk Ehlert

Dirk Ehlert


"Having my tracks mastered by John is not only a technical decision. Besides bringing the music up to professional standards he also has an incredible gift (and ear) to preserve the musicality and dynamics within. Definitely my first choice when it comes to mastering!"

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