Promo video of Cypher's third album release, Mirror Mirror Of My Soul

Launched to the industry this week, “Mirror, Mirror Of My Soul” is Cypher’s third album of this fast expanding production music label. Below is a very brief introduction to this fantastic cinematic indie collection with the official promo video. Full of beautiful songs from extremely talented artists, there’s a lot to put a smile on […]

Gemini from The Zodiac Chronicles by Aerlaie Brighton & Ryo Ishido

It is always a pleasure to work with the talented musician and composer Ryo Ishido and Gemini is yet another musical gem that I’ve loved being part of. Gemini is the first track to be released from The Zodiac Chronicles from the music duo that is Ryo and Aeralie Brighton. Those of you who don’t […]

FILM RIOT Gives Filmstro A BIG Thumbs Up!

Filmstro has been given the full FILM RIOT treatment and reviewed by host Ryan Connolly. Being part of the Filmstro team, by overseeing audio production with mixing and mastering of the tracks, it is fantastic to hear such positivity. In fact, the majority of reactions to what the company is creating has been positive and […]

Starlight Alchemy Sets The Singapore Night Festival On Fire

From time to time the normal mastering work of albums and production music etc. is interjected with something a little different. One such instance was working for composer Iliya Zaki to master his music that was created for Starlight Alchemy‘s performance in the Singapore Night Festival 2015. Iliya worked with Starlight Alchemy to produce the […]