Blood Moon - Silver Screen release by Dos Brains

Blood Moon is the latest album on the Silver Screen label by music for advertising production company Dos Brains! Below is their fantastic preview montage to showcase the awesome music in this collection. Here’s the blurb for the music: From a burning mass that gave us birth, We follow the black that lies beyond our […]

Starlight Alchemy Sets The Singapore Night Festival On Fire

From time to time the normal mastering work of albums and production music etc. is interjected with something a little different. One such instance was working for composer Iliya Zaki to master his music that was created for Starlight Alchemy‘s performance in the Singapore Night Festival 2015. Iliya worked with Starlight Alchemy to produce the […]

Nick Hinton - I Wish I Was Holding Your Hand

What makes my job as a mastering engineer so good is the amazing music I have the privilege of working on and the musicians I work with. Nick Hinton easily slots into this category with his beautiful and emotional orchestral track “I Wish I Was Holding Your Hand”. Very often, due to the styles of […]

Satori by Dirk Ehlert

Satori is Dirk Ehlert‘s first ever public release and features Francesca Lilac Genco on vocals. I’ve known Dirk’s work as an in-demand soundtrack, production music composer for several years and was excited to be involved with him on this beautiful track. Dirk has turned to the wonderful digital artist Ryo Ishido for the stunning cover […]

Deane Ogden - Kwela

When I receive an album to master I’ll work on it and usually be done in a day. Not the case with Deane Ogden’s latest album project Kwela. I’ve loved being part of this album for just over a year and seeing it grow into what you’ll hear. Following on from his 2013 solo album […]

Getting Some Sparkle With The Waves Aphex Exciter!

I was doing some mixing over the weekend and, due to seeing one of Waves’s often sales, I thought I’d give the Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter a shot at it’s bargain price. (I may have also bought a couple of more toys in the sale!). Here’s the Waves blurb about the AVA Exciter When […]

Sirens Of Pandora by Stephan Baer

I’ve loved working with Stephan Baer on his recent project of which this gorgeous track, Sirens Of Pandora, is from. It features the performing talents of Uyanga Bold, Oliver Sadie and Deane Ogden. Lots more to come in the future! Enjoy 🙂 COMPOSED AND PRODUCED by Stephan Baer VOCALS written and performed by Uyanga Bold PIANO written […]

Mike Holt - World In Your Hands

Last year I worked with the awesome Mike Holt by mixing and mastering this track that he wrote with the very talented Laura Conway. Laura’s amazing vocals were recorded by Éanán Patterson. Mike is now able to share the track online so enjoy listening to it below 🙂 World In Your Hands is available for […]

JoJo Desmond | Walk Before You Run

There are certain occasions in the studio when I’m mastering music and I just smile throughout the session. One of those moments was today whilst working on JoJo Desmond‘s latest EP Walk Before You Run, from the moment of seeing the mixes with headroom, through to her wonderful performances and the playing of the performers, […]

Beautiful Magical Projection On Saltwell Towers

Some projects are really interesting and this one for composer Roma Yagnik certainly ticks that box. I mastered this wonderful composition for her installation project that was part of Enchanted Parks 2014. The music accompanied stunning visuals by Chris Lavelle and was projected onto the Victorian Gothic Mansion Saltwell Towers for a live audience of […]