So far this year I have done eight DAT tape transfers and am being sent a couple more this week – in total that’s as many as I did for all of 2010! These jobs are mainly from musicians realising that they have their precious music on DAT and they have no way of playing […]

Today we have lost the amazing composing talent of John Barry who has died of a heart attack at the age of 77. I, along with countless others, have been inspired, encouraged, and entertained by his wonderful music. Over his amazing composing career John Barry wrote a wonderful variety of memorable themes and film scores […]

Came across string arranger and orchestrator Pete Whitfield‘s Disco Strings video today – think it’s a great introduction to using strings in disco music and for a good intro to strings in general. Very well put together and informative. Pete Whitfield on YouTube: and on Twitter:

There is a dream that many people share for an end to the mental loudness war that still continues after many years. One man who champions the idea of putting dynamic range back into music is mastering engineer Ian Shepherd (@ianshepherd) and he has come up with an excellent idea of Dynamic Range Day (#DYNAMICRANGEDAY). […]

There are some people probably wondering what a DAT is. The joy of being young! When I was starting out not too many years ago way way back in the 1990s the Digital Audio Tape was, before the invasion of affordable hard drives and CD-Rs, a widely used stereo format in recording studios. I liked […]

Just been introduced to the talent of Kutiman via Paul Rostill with his post on the SOS Music Recording Technology Forum. Here’s his perfect description of what Kutiman does: “What he has done is use Youtube as a stonking great big sample library, of sorts. And he’s not using just the audio, but the video […]

Have you read Ian Shepherd‘s blog posting entitled How Spotify might defuse the Loudness Wars. A post where he beautifully presented his case but got his facts wrong. What did he do about it? Anyone who follows Ian will know the quality of his content and respect him so it wasn’t a surprise when he […]


When was the last time you did a backup of the data on your computer? You haven’t? Even if you have, here’s something that might interest you. I have a family of external LaCie drives in the studio that has expanded to the point that, when I was considering more backup and archiving space in […]

The much discussed Loudness War rages on with artists, producers, record companies, et al, fearing that their musical creations will not succeed unless they are louder, or as loud, as the competition. Several attempts, and tools, have been made to educate us about the current situation – Bob Katz and his K System, the Turn […]

Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy album cover

Guns N’ Roses‘ latest album comes to us via mastering engineer supremo Bob Ludwig with a request from Axl & Co. that they didn’t want it smashed. Really? After Turn Me Up‘s certification debacle of Elbow‘s “The Seldom Seen Kid” – fantastic album but doesn’t really hold up to being much more dynamic than other […]