Marco Frydshou Hansenberg

It was a pleasure to work with composer Marco Frydshou by mastering this track for him. It’s an ad spot for Danish Vocational School & Technical College “Hansenberg“. Produced by WEITER

Look Around is the fantastic new EP from Katie Morgan and I recently had the pleasure of working with Brian & Katie to master the tracks. The 6 tracks are a wonderful showcase to Katie’s singing talent and her writing partnership with Brian Clayton. Have a listen to the montage above for a quick delve […]

Today, February 29th, marks the launch of Emily Jones‘ album Aberration In Melancholy. Aberration In Melancholy by Emily Jones It was nine months ago when Emily first approached me about mastering her musical creation and it has been a pleasure to have been discussing it with her, and assisting her here and there, as the […]

Tomorrow evening in Portsmouth is the official launch for Becky Jerams’ latest album, Misbehave. This very talented songstress has put together an excellent 13 track album for your listening pleasure and will be performing the songs live at the launch. Available to purchase along with the album, Becky has created a fantastic album lyrics book […]

Give your mastering engineer headroom and dynamics to help them give you the best sounding masters they can. This image is from a track of a Latin album I was to start mastering last week but, having checked through the tracks which were limited by around 6dB at a guess (but not as hot as […]

What does a brick have to do with mastering? Yesterday, I had a quick chat on Twitter with Andy Wilson, mixing & mastering engineer at Masterdisk in NYC, about how I’d asked for new mixes for a Latin album I was to be mastering today as the original mixes were too hot. With the much […]

Eron Falbo’s song Beat The Drums now has a cool video! Having mastered this track, which was mixed and produced by Laurie Grandi, it’s great to see it now with the video I’d heard was in production. SINGER – Eron Falbo BACKING VOCALS – The Venusians: Joanna Shiel, Supapij Xoomsai Na Ayudhya (Bee), Samantha Carrie […]

A null test is a simple check to see if one track is a perfect digital copy of the original. This requires lining up, sample accurate, the original and copy on two separate tracks and reversing the polarity of one track. On playback, with both tracks mixed together and at unity gain, you shouldn’t hear […]

There is a dream that many people share for an end to the mental loudness war that still continues after many years. One man who champions the idea of putting dynamic range back into music is mastering engineer Ian Shepherd (@ianshepherd) and he has come up with an excellent idea of Dynamic Range Day (#DYNAMICRANGEDAY). […]