Sirens Of Pandora by Stephan Baer

I’ve loved working with Stephan Baer on his recent project of which this gorgeous track, Sirens Of Pandora, is from. It features the performing talents of Uyanga Bold, Oliver Sadie and Deane Ogden. Lots more to come in the future! Enjoy 🙂 COMPOSED AND PRODUCED by Stephan Baer VOCALS written and performed by Uyanga Bold PIANO written […]

Look Around is the fantastic new EP from Katie Morgan and I recently had the pleasure of working with Brian & Katie to master the tracks. The 6 tracks are a wonderful showcase to Katie’s singing talent and her writing partnership with Brian Clayton. Have a listen to the montage above for a quick delve […]

Today, February 29th, marks the launch of Emily Jones‘ album Aberration In Melancholy. Aberration In Melancholy by Emily Jones It was nine months ago when Emily first approached me about mastering her musical creation and it has been a pleasure to have been discussing it with her, and assisting her here and there, as the […]

Before my work experience bod Ant left last week we managed to slap some eletric guitar into the Mac so I could create an energetic orchestral track with it. The Depths Of Deception is the end result – hope you like it! Well done to Ant for his guitar playing. You can find him on […]

A null test is a simple check to see if one track is a perfect digital copy of the original. This requires lining up, sample accurate, the original and copy on two separate tracks and reversing the polarity of one track. On playback, with both tracks mixed together and at unity gain, you shouldn’t hear […]

Thoroughly enjoyed listening to the talents of Maurizio Parascandolo and his band on SoundCloud last night and this morning. The feel and performances just hit the spot for me. Have a listen and see what you think! Playing with Maurizio are Andrea Cerè (Double Bass & Electric Bass), Stefano Bergamini (Saxophone, Clarinet, & Bass Clarinet), […]

I’ve had an excellent week with having Ant in the studio for his work experience. We’ve been able to do a variety of jobs to give him an idea of what music studio work can involve. Ant has had a full introduction to the studio environment, the room treatment, and the gear. We’ve mastered an […]