Before my work experience bod Ant left last week we managed to slap some eletric guitar into the Mac so I could create an energetic orchestral track with it. The Depths Of Deception is the end result – hope you like it! Well done to Ant for his guitar playing. You can find him on […]

I’ve had an excellent week with having Ant in the studio for his work experience. We’ve been able to do a variety of jobs to give him an idea of what music studio work can involve. Ant has had a full introduction to the studio environment, the room treatment, and the gear. We’ve mastered an […]

10 Minutes To Fix My Aeron

The Herman Miller Aeron chair can be found in many studios across the world and I have been using one in my studio for about the last eight years. Unfortunately, the right arm of my beloved Aeron snapped off (I hasten to add that it probably didn’t like my weight resting on it!) and so […]

The rooms we perform, record, mix, and master in, should be the best they can be for the required role to help us achieve a great sound and performance. I was accompanying Trinity Guildhall exams today at St.George’s Church in Worcester and it reminded me of how important our surroundings are. I have accompanied a […]