Eron Falbo’s song Beat The Drums now has a cool video! Having mastered this track, which was mixed and produced by Laurie Grandi, it’s great to see it now with the video I’d heard was in production. SINGER – Eron Falbo BACKING VOCALS – The Venusians: Joanna Shiel, Supapij Xoomsai Na Ayudhya (Bee), Samantha Carrie […]

Ant is with me in the studio on work experience – work? 🙂 – this week and today we started recording a track that he’s putting together based around his main instrument, the guitar. This little video is of him practising the main chord progression on his acoustic earlier today. The link for this video […]

The free TEDTalks always provide stimulating and wonderful videos from the TED conferences and this one, Eric Whitacre: A virtual choir 2,000 voices strong, is a great example. It’s an amazing accomplishment that so many people who have never met can submit their performances to be compiled into a wonderful aural and visual performance. Props […]

The rooms we perform, record, mix, and master in, should be the best they can be for the required role to help us achieve a great sound and performance. I was accompanying Trinity Guildhall exams today at St.George’s Church in Worcester and it reminded me of how important our surroundings are. I have accompanied a […]

Today we have lost the amazing composing talent of John Barry who has died of a heart attack at the age of 77. I, along with countless others, have been inspired, encouraged, and entertained by his wonderful music. Over his amazing composing career John Barry wrote a wonderful variety of memorable themes and film scores […]

Came across string arranger and orchestrator Pete Whitfield‘s Disco Strings video today – think it’s a great introduction to using strings in disco music and for a good intro to strings in general. Very well put together and informative. Pete Whitfield on YouTube: and on Twitter:

Just been introduced to the talent of Kutiman via Paul Rostill with his post on the SOS Music Recording Technology Forum. Here’s his perfect description of what Kutiman does: “What he has done is use Youtube as a stonking great big sample library, of sorts. And he’s not using just the audio, but the video […]