Below is a selection of projects I’ve had the privilege of working on…

Surviving Covid
Surviving Covid Soundtrack album cover

Alexander Parsons

Useless Summer
Baby Powder - Useless Summer

Baby Powder

Jumanji The Video Game

Ian Livingstone

Override 2 Super Mech League

Marcus Hedges
online co-mixed and mastered.

Beat The Drums

Eron Falbo

Jumanji The Video Game

Ian Livingstone

Stop At Nothing Michael Eastwood stem mastered.

3 Tracks David Tate mixed & mastered.

The Bride Stuart Reilly mixed & mastered.

Total War 3 – Kingdoms OST Ian Livingstone mastered.

Zelda Skyward Sword – Fi’s Theme The Trend Orchestra mastered.

Sands of Time Kerani mastered.

Legend JoJo Desmond mastered.

3 Tracks David Oliver mixed & mastered.

Wind Waker – The Great Sea The Trend Orchestra mastered.

Gravity Falls The Trend Orchestra mastered.

Rockfield OST Alexander Parsons mastered.

I Am Belmaya documentary Marie-Anne Fischer online mixing.

I Snitched On My Neighbour David Oliver mastered.

Grayson’s Art Club Alexander Parsons mastered.

Dragon Ball Z EP Trend Orchestra mastered.

Dead Famous DNA OST Sandy Nuttgens mastered.

Final Space The Trend Orchestra mastered.

Silverdime Leo Batchelor mastered.

Cinderella Leo Batchelor mastered.

The Real Michael Jackson OST Alex Parsons mastered.

The Witcher Marcus Hedges mastered.

Demo Pitch Molecular Sound mastered.

MHA Polaris Marcus Hedges mastered.

N64 Album Marcus Hedges mastered.

Diamond Dorothy Melody mastered.

Apricot Hounds EP Adam Norman mastered.

Bram Stoker Roma Yagnik mastered.

Ojos Lindos Monty Craig mixed.

Life Is But A Mist Monty Craig mixed.

Dollar For A Dream Monty Craig mixed.

Think Nothing Of It Harper&Brown edited.

The Gift of a New Day Wishnu Bintang mastered.

Halo Marcus Hedges mastered.

She Is OST Charlotte Partt mastered.

The Last of Us Marcus Hedges mastered.

Goku Ultra Instinct Marcus Hedges mastered.

Game of Thrones EP Marcus Hedges mastered.

Wedding Waltz Charles Gaskell mixed.

Wreck It Ralph Marcus Hedges mastered.

Frozen Marcus Hedges mastered.

Toy Story Marcus Hedges mastered.

Lion King Marcus Hedges mastered.

Neshama Danny De Can mixed & mastered.

Unrequited Danny De Can mixed & mastered.

If Only Danny De Can mixed & mastered.

Disney Dumbo Marcus Hedges mastered.

Titles & Pre Titles Andy Hopkins mastered.

8DIO Big Band Demo 2 Patrick Ytting mastered.

Disney Aladdin Marcus Hedges mastered.

Disney Lion King Marcus Hedges

Neutral Moods SMI414 mastered.

Adventure Time Marcus Hedges stem mastered.

8DIO Big Band Demo Patrick Ytting mastered

Fly Away Stellita Loukas – mastered.

Michael Palin In North Korea Miguel d’Olivera – mastered.

Roma Yagnik GNS – mastering

Teco Black Sun – mastering

Roma Yagnik Love Duet – mastering

Yaiza Varona SAP ALB – mastering

Stuart Reilly Dream Holiday – mastering

Daniel Sonabend OUD Video – mastering

Kaid Hussain You Ain’t Mine – mastering

Stuart Reilly Keep The Dream Alive – mixing & mastering

Jaydee Daley Belong – mastering

Ian Livingstone Oure – mastering

Daniel Markovich DJG – mastering

Roma Yagnik FOTT – mastering

Stuart Reilly Face The Truth – mixing & mastering

SMI Period Drama album – editing & mastering

Daniel Markovich Watershow – mastering

Daniel Markovich Macabia – mastering

Ryo Ishido Mini TV – mastering

Peter Owen 10 Track Album – mastering

Kaid Hussain Love Me Like The Last Time – mastering

Kaid Hussain The Reason Why (acoustic) – mastering

NSM – Junk Vibrations – editing & mastering

Mathieu Karsenti Ichi E.P.

Nicola Royston Ellis Pottery

Jarkko Hietanen Exclusion

Dirk Ehlert Mixing of Flow

Brad Hoyt The Pas Future

Roma Yagnik A Forgotten Treasure

Clive Lukover Days of Glory

Matt Bowdler Zombies Soundtrack

Kaid Hussain You Don’t Play Fair

Ryo Ishido Maximo

Christopher Barnett Stag Night of the Dead

Roma Yagnik King of the Forest

Nitzan Sadie My Lovely Love

Ryo Ishido Brother Of Honour

Kaid Hussain Can’t Say That

Rob Oxenbridge Cypher Album

Nick Hinton Don’t Say Goodbye

Kaid Hussain Back Up Baby

Ryo Ishido Gemini

Frank Pfeiffer Blueland Tales

Kaid Hussain What’s Enough

Jojo Desmond Studio 54

Dorthy Melody The Deepness

Kaid Hussain What’s Enough

Ryo Ishido Play Me For A Fool

Kaid Hussain Safe Landing

Daniel Markovich Expo

Ryo Ishido Run

Kaid Hussain The Last Time

Paul McKeever Thunder

Kaid Hussain You Make Me Happy

Rob Oxenbridge (Cypher) After Tomorrow

Kaid Hussain In The Wings

Christopher Barnett Borrowed Time

Kaid Hussain Right Time

Dirk Ehlert Phenomenon

Dirk Ehlert Satori

Matthew Beer Levitate

Nick Hinton I Wish I Was Holding Your Hand

Kaid Hussain What You Been Told

Deane Ogden Kwela

Kaid Hussain Indestructable

Kaid Hussain Right Time

Stephan Baer Cloudmakers

Kaid Hussain Love Bomb

Kaid Hussain Battle Lines

Danny DeCan – Pie Jesu

dos brains – Blood Moon

Kaid Hussain – I Choose You

dos brains – Kerry Muzzey album

Stephan Baer – Sirens of Pandora

Rob Oxenbridge production album

Jojo – Walk Before You Run

O Stars – Roma Yagnik – mastering

“Fantasy Album” dos brains – mastering

Burning Of The Dead – Stephan Baer – mastering

A World Of Wonders dos brains – mastering

Birds On A Spring Evening – Nick Penny – mastering

Eyes On You – Sue Rose – mastering

Detonator dos brains – mastering

Superhero dos brains – mastering

Dark Mirror and The Push – Mike Holt – mastering

Road Less Travelled dos brains – mastering

Play It Again Sam – Sam Hyman – mastering

Go With It – Alex Bay – mastering

Cello & Piano Theme – Marie-Anne Fischer – mixing & mastering

Composer Pitch – Florian Linckus – mastering

Battle Burn – Meena Shamaly – mixing & mastering

Urban Ride – Red Ocsenbein – mastering

Kwela – Deane Ogden – mastering

Beyond – Ryo Ishido – mastering

Raven – Ryo Ishido – mastering

Silk Road Destiny – Oliver Sadie – mastering

No Man Left Behind – Jamie Salisbury – mastering

World In Your Hands – Mike Holt – mixing & mastering

Greek Empire – Stellita Loukas – mastering

Resistance dos brains – mastering

Always Warm With You – Matthew Beer

Fearless dos brains – mastering

Sonokinetic Celesta – Michael Maas – mastering

Memory Deleted – Angus MacRae – mastering

Parasomnia – Hilgrove Kenrick – mastering

Someday Is Today – Kaid Hussain – mastering

Hansenberg – Marco Frydshou – mastering

Stolen Tide – Matthew Beer – mastering

Heavenly – Chrycee – mastering

Fear Of Falling – Matthew Beer

Below The Horizon dos brains – mastering

Gojira – Ryo Ishido – mastering

Sleepwalk Embrace – Red Ochsenbein – mastering

Far Away From Everyday – Brad Hoyt

Forward And Back – Sebastian Watzinger – mastering

Conquer The Skies – Circle Musicmaker – mastering

Composer Portfolio – Mathieu Karsenti – mastering

(Alden Wakefield Track) – Nicola Royston – mastering

Royal Splendure – Emmett Cooke – mixing & mastering

Eli Project – There Ehrlich – mastering

Turbulence – Seb Jaeger – mix & master

Dark Territory – dos brains – mastering

ONII – Charlotte Partt – mastering

Hypnagogia – Hilgrove Kenrick – mastering

You Leave Me Breathless – David Oliver – mastering

Be A Legend – Michael Maas – mastering

Momentum – Arkadiusz Reikowski – mastering

EP – Jojo Desmond = mastering

Somnabulism – Hilgrove Kenrick – mastering

Fazed – Hilgrove Kenrick – mastering

Anglesey Road Suite – Chris Barnett

Back From The Sea – Angus MacRae

My Dad Taught Me – Tristan Noon – mixing & mastering

Maelstrom – Graeme Hughes – mastering

Southland Theme Tune – Russell Bell – mixing & mastering

Disconnected – Jamie Heesbeen – mixing & mastering

EP name? – Katie Morgan – mastering

Without You – David Oliver – mastering

Aberration In Melancholy – Emily Jones – mastering

Misbehave – Becky Jerams – mastering

Composer Pitch – David Lowe – mixing & mastering

Shake It Up – Stuart Reilly – mixing

Girders – Arabella – mastering

Composer Pitch Track – Reuben Cornell – mastering

Million Stars – Becky Jerams – mixing

Try Something New Today – Arabella – mastering

Likes Of You – Becky Jerams – mixing & mastering

Winners – Davidson/MacFarlane – mastering

500 – Laurie Grandi – mastering

Remma EP – mastering

fourteen – the14thdisciple & Freands – mastering

Echobelly – mastering

No XCUSES – mastering

Cream – The Housewives – mastering

Da Capo – Andrew De Witt – mastering

David Lowe – mastering

Sound Sketches – Paul Chenour – mastering

Da Party On – David Faniyi – mastering

Choice – The Housewives – mastering

Child of the Universe Steinar Lund – mixed & mastered

Life Clive John – mastering

Crabs – David Lowe – mastering

Man In Black Tribute – mastering

Loose Cannon Lyla D’Souza – mastering

Truly My Soul Sam Hyman – mixed

New Religion Sam Hyman – mixed

But Beautiful Liz Russell – mixed & mastered

Clearwood Dartmouth Music Festival – mastered

Noah – Malachi – mixed & mastered

Blackpool Hot Ice Show – mastering

Impressions Clive John – mixing & mastering

Clearwood Huntingdon Hall Concert – mastering

Loved Up Laurie Grandi – mixing

Vista Musicale – mastered

Clive John Another Day – recorded, mixed & mastered

Warner Indian Chill mastering

Warner Ibiza Chill mastering

Clive John Life album recorded & mixed