Cover artwork for Profundum by Christopher Barnett.

Here’s a beautiful and emotive album from composer Christopher Barnett.


In the autumn of 2022 I lost three significant people. A cocktail of challenging thoughts and emotions
surged through me over that ensuing year which I struggled to control at times. Grief is inherently personal, manifesting uniquely in each individual. Yet, I wanted to find a way to express, through music,
some of the complex and often contradictory dispositions, especially in relation to individuals with whom one shared a difficult relationship.

Christopher Barnett

piano, guitar, vocals & electronic instruments – Christopher Barnett
cello – Ashok Klouda
tenor saxophone – Daisy Coole
violin, viola, cello – Joni Fuller
guitar – Andy G Jones
mixing of Ennui/Brief Ennui – John Elleson-Hartley
mix/mastering album – Nick Taylor

More Mixing & Mastering Credits

MUSIKLAB Mixing & Mastering with John Elleson-Hartley.