Cover artwork for Thence album by Insides and Outsides.

Here’s an excellent and creative experimental album from Insides and Outsides.



THENCE was born from its final track, “Ghost”, first recorded in November 2023. I think the seed of the theme of exploration already existed somewhere deep within me then, but I wasn’t yet conscious of it. For some years I’d been keen to make music inspired by mathematical ideas, but there wasn’t any of that in this first track. However, over the winter I began making more music, this time with maths in mind.

It soon became clear that the music’s vibe was somehow connected to my love of discovery – the link I felt between my intellectual journeys and the physical ones I’ve made. I’ve not seen nearly enough of the world and I never shall, but I’ve been lucky enough to see more than many people do, and that quote from Mark Twain resonates with me. As work progressed, the idea of travel became a constant mental and spiritual companion, and the music as a whole began to get sculpted to suit it.

By March 2024 I knew I’d made something that didn’t fit neatly into a genre! My target audience is probably people like me, who enjoy many different types of music, like to see abstract concepts brought to life in musical form, and like to inhabit the world of an album when listening to it.

Mike Torr (Insides and Outsides)

Mastering by John Elleson-Hartley.

More Mixing & Mastering Credits

MUSIKLAB Mixing & Mastering with John Elleson-Hartley.