This is the seventh track from the forthcoming soundtrack to the original graphic novel “The Panharmonion Chronicles : Times of London“, a science fiction thriller created and written by Henry Chebaane and illustrated by veteran comic artist Stephen Baskerville (Marvel, DC, IDW, 2000AD, Spiderman, X-men,Transformers, Judge Dredd, Doctor Who).

Mixing & Mastering by John Elleson-Hartley

LX8 – Quantum Blue – The Photonics Mix.


When you hear the cosmic drumming
Feel the strings of life are stirring
You know that you are not alone,
That music is forever home.

When you listen into the night
Closing your eyes to feel the light
You know that life is but a dream
A pulsing note in a time stream.

We are the wave function collapse
Last particles in a time-lapse.
We are photons in search of form
That only true love can transform.


Your heartbeat will always be true
For we are made of quantum blue.