Cover artwork for Hyrule in Half-Light from The Marcus Hedges Trend Orchestra.

A stunning selection of Zelda tracks from Marcus Hedges and his Trend Orchestra!

Hyrule in Half-Light (Twilight Princess Orchestrated) is an orchestral tribute to the much loved Gamecube release TLoZ: Twilight Princess. Within this symphonic journey, you’ll experience the sheer beauty of Ilia’s Theme, the coziness of Ordon Village, and the fresh air of Lake Hylia – Yet, prepare to embark on a unique adventure as we delve into the realm of Zelda’s Theme, offering a fresh perspective that takes a tantalizing turn toward the darker side. I hope you’ll enjoy my takes on these incredible songs written by Toru Minegishi, Asuka Ohta, Koji Kondo, and Mahito Yokota.

Marcus Hedges

Mastering by John Elleson-Hartley.

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Composer Marcus Hedges

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MUSIKLAB Mixing & Mastering with John Elleson-Hartley.