Michael J. Langley - The Diary Of The Teenage Rockstar

The Diary Of The Teenage Rockstar

Here’s a stonking album from Michael J. LangleyThe Diary Of The Teenage Rockstar. It beautifully showcases his electric guitar talents! Think his fingers must have been on fire when he play some of these tracks!!

About The Album

From Michael: This EP is a result of a challenge from the amazing Music Room community on Facebook and its subsequent EP makers group to create something new, personal, and away from our normal output but to also support and encourage each other along the way.

Its my love letter to my teenage self inspired by the sounds I heard but couldn’t get my hands around as a high school guitarist all set in the atmosphere of the school music room.

It’s been an incredible journey and completely indulgent to thrash about on the guitar with purpose and I hope you enjoy listening.


Jonathan Vincent: Track 1 Kit, Track 2 Organ
Jo Gendle: Track 3 Piano
Michael J. Langley: Everything Else
Stem mastering by John Elleson-Hartley