Cover artwork for Brigid's Cradle EP by redbrd.

A gorgeous collection of music from Irish artist redbrd.

About the album…

Brigid’s Cradle is an homage to four things: the cradle (music), St. Brigid (protection), the natural world in which I was reared (Béal Feirste & Sasana) and heritage (the birch). If my honest dreams for this project came true, I would wish for this music to act as a transitional vehicle. The cradle is historically and idealistically one of the safe spaces a baby can be placed by it’s protector while in it’s most vulnerable state – sleeping. If the music on this project could evoke that feeling of safety within you, the listener, for even a second, that’s enough. In the current world we live in, members of the global majority must prove we have a right to feel safe. Let this album remind you that safety is our birthright.

My hope is that within this EP you can find joy, inspiration, and, one day, as a child must outgrow the cradle, that you find solace within some of the harder themes in this music and view it in a different way through each listen.


Mixed & Mastered by John Elleson-Hartley.

Brigid’s Cradle

More Mixing & Mastering Credits

MUSIKLAB Mixing & Mastering with John Elleson-Hartley.