Cover artwork for Jig of Frost & Flame from "Dragon Flagon" by Rupert Cole.

Here’s a fantastic, fun and foot-tapping track from composer Rupert Cole!

Jig of Frost & Flame from “Dragon Flagon”

About the track…

Welcome to the Dragon’s Flagon, home of Frosty’s Famous Floats! The customers are lining up and it’s your job to make delicious frothy floats and rack up those tips

Fulfil orders by pulling pints and scooping floats along to the rousing sound of the “Jig of Frost & Flame” performed by the rowdy tavern band striking up as they warm themselves by the fire

Dragon Flagon was the winner of the Uncrank’d Game Jam 2024!
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Rupert Cole

Mastering by John Elleson-Hartley.

More Mixing & Mastering Credits

MUSIKLAB Mixing & Mastering with John Elleson-Hartley.