Cover art for the Marcus Hedges Trend Orchestra Pokémon Yellow album

Here’s a gorgeous album from The Marcus Hedges Trend OrchestraPokémon Yellow Orchestrated.

Some of my fondest memories are of me and my brother sat with my OG Gameboy (in yellow 😏) playing Pokémon Yellow. So naturally, this is an album I’ve wanted to do for a while. It’s insane how I remembered most of the tracks note for note even after all this time. Just goes to show how well-written they are so kudos to Junichi Masuda.

Marcus Hedges

Original Composer: Junichi Masuda
Arrangements: Marcus Hedges
Mixing: Marcus Hedges
Mastering: John Elleson-Hartley

Solo Violin: Natalie Purton
Solo Flute: Session Tune

Pokémon Yellow Orchestrated