There is a dream that many people share for an end to the mental loudness war that still continues after many years.

One man who champions the idea of putting dynamic range back into music is mastering engineer Ian Shepherd (@ianshepherd) and he has come up with an excellent idea of Dynamic Range Day (#DYNAMICRANGEDAY).

When is this Dynamic Range Day?

Tomorrow! Saturday 20th March 2010.

What can you do to join in? Here’s what Ian says on his website:


(For non-nerds, typing in ALL CAPITALs is know on the internet as “shouting”)

Why SHOUT all day ? Because over-compressed, distorted, unnecessarily high-level Loudness-War-Casualty music sounds as if it’s shouting at you, all the time. IT’S LOUD AND IT STAYS LOUD AND IT’s ONLY LOUD AND VERY SOON IT WEARS YOU OUT. AND GETS BORING !

So if we SHOUT all day on March 20th – on Twitter, on Facebook, in our emails – everywhere – if we shout and explain why we’re doing it when people ask, by linking to this post, or, or the Dynamic Range Foundation, then hopefully we’ll spread the message far and wide.

Read more about Dynamic Range Day on Ian’s website.


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