Today, February 29th, marks the launch of Emily Jones‘ album Aberration In Melancholy.

It was nine months ago when Emily first approached me about mastering her musical creation and it has been a pleasure to have been discussing it with her, and assisting her here and there, as the album developed throughout that time.

The best moment for me was, after I’d mastered it, I was able to just sit down and listen through to her tracks from start to finish, nicely brought together in her track order, and I really got a sense of what she wanted to achieve with this album having only heard the tracks in different guises over the months.

This is a passionate, involved, collection of tracks from Emily that have truly developed into what it is today – a creative and expressive album with an impressive mix of atmospheric, ethnic, cinematic, folk… the list goes on!

Emily’s attention to detail shows in everything she has achieved. The wonderful performances on her Native American and bamboo flutes, Fujara, guitars and vocals. Her work with the superb drummer and percussionist Steve Riley and the involvement of the very talented guitarist Michael Langley all add up to the production of these wonderful tracks.

The montage I’ve put together above gives you an 8 minute glimpse into the whole album. You can listen to the complete album, and then buy your own copy(!), by popping over to her BandCamp page here.

Drummer & Percussionist Steve Riley

Guitarist Michael J Langley on SoundCloud:

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