Ghosts Of Sound, the new EDM track from LX8 (from the graphic novel The Panharmonion Chronicles) is available to hear on YouTube today.

Had a lot of fun mixing and mastering this! Release date is 22nd June 2022.

This song is the debut track from my first EDM album, currently under production. There are several layers of meaning to the track. One of them is a contemplation about the recursive nature of reality, within a limitless universe made of our own collective particles. We all experience loss of some kind in our life but we can also find comfort that nothing is really destroyed, just recycled as energy into the vastness of space and time. We can find echoes of what we have lost, particles of cosmic energy, back into our consciousness through the music that we listen, share and dance to.




Drifting across time,
I could lose my mind.
Sifting in deep space,
just seeking your face.

It’s a feel of you.
It’s a sound of new.
Our song will be told,
we’ll never be old.

We are ghosts of sound.
We are lost and found.

We forever trance,
in a cosmic dance.
Lost immensity,
found eternity.

Supernova mine,
‘til the end of time.
Deep into the night,
dancing wave of light.

We are ghosts of sound.
We are lost and found.

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