There are certain occasions in the studio when I’m mastering music and I just smile throughout the session.

One of those moments was today whilst working on JoJo Desmond‘s latest EP Walk Before You Run, from the moment of seeing the mixes with headroom, through to her wonderful performances and the playing of the performers, and the laid back funky feel the tracks have. I love my job!

The four songs are Common People, Lonely Heart, (Without You) By My Side, and Sad State Of Affairs which were written by JoJo and Wayne Morgan who also produced, recorded and mixed the EP.

James Wilson was on drums and additional keys for Sad State Of Affairs were performed by Craig Smith. Mark Walker engineered and mixed the tracks at Couch Studios, Warrington.

JoJo will soon be supporting The Three Degrees on dates throughout January and February. She’s a talented lady!

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