The pandemic we experienced consuming 2020 effected us all in many ways. During this time, composer Arhynn Descy hatched a plan for an album project.

Postcards From A Pandemic

Postcards from a Pandemic by Arhynn Descy

THE CONCEPT: It’s the year 2050. You discover a bunch of old postcards, mailed back in 2020… ’that year’ – the year when the world went still. Each postcard is a poem, is a piece of music recorded during lockdown.

Listen to Postcards from a Pandemic

Over the weeks following the album release, Arhynn will introduce the fantastic musicians that recorded her music on Facebook. I will add the links below as they come in:

Postcard 1 – A Bird Lifted

Performed by Jonathan Stehney in LA, who plays the Bassoon.

Postcard 2 – Dark Palms

Performed by Sarah Robinson in LA, who is playing the Bass Flute.

Postcard 3 – Smudged Charcoal

Postcards from a Pandemic - Smudged Charcoal

Performed by Simon Wyrsch in Saint Petersburg, playing the Bass Clarinet.

Postcard 4 – In the Inky Black Night

Postcards from a Pandemic - In the Inky Black Night

Performed by Corinne Olsen in LA, playing the Viola.

Postcard 5 – Dinner for One

Postcards from a Pandemic - Dinner for One

Performed by Will BJ Johnson in LA, playing the Double Bass


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