A little look back on a few projects this year and I’m always grateful for the variety of music I get to work on. Keeps me on my toes 😀

An excellent single from Irish five-part folk rock band from Waterford. Ermoupoli, or Similar by Bana Rua.

A gorgeous album from composer Giovanni Rotondo. Each track of Cosmic Twilight is inspired by the wonders of space and universe and based around a lovely felt piano.

Ultramassive Black Hole is the first track on the album.

Original Soundtrack for ‘Crossfire‘ from the BBC1 Action Thriller series starring Keeley Hawes. The soundtrack beautifully crafted by the wonderful composer Nainita Desai.

The superb soundtrack for TV series Manayek is by wonderful composer Frank Ilfman.

A gorgeous piano track from delightful composer Chloe May Evans entitled Hidden.

A brilliant album from The Marcus Hedges Trend Orchestra – Pokémon Yellow Orchestrated.

Nainita Desai crafted a beautiful soundtrack for this Sky documentary, Villeneuve Pironi.

This stunning track from John C Buttigieg, ‘Fantasy’, is a dramatic journey into a world of cascading sounds.

And ending this selection with this energetic number from composer Andrew Donovan. Shimmer!

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