Projects Recap! Oct '23

It’s time to look back on a few projects recently – blooming superb variety of music from amazing musicians!

Whispers of Eloria

What would composer Oleta Haffner conjure up to depict the magical mystery and drama of a video game? That’s where Whispers of Eloria comes in so you can hear!

Featuring the stunning vocals of singer Lara Ausensi.

Mixed & Mastered.

Driftwood by Chloe May Evans

When the moment requires tranquility and relaxation, this beautiful piano track from Chloe May Evans is the perfect accompaniment!


PHOENIX by Intermundia

PHOENIX is an awe-inspiring track filled with boundless energy, created by the talented duo Edoardo Romussi and Luca Montorsi from Intermundia. This magnificent song ignites the spirit, while the captivating vocals by Andrea Kunst elevate it to even greater heights. Prepare to embark on a journey of new life!


Hyrule in Half-Light album

A stunning selection of Zelda tracks from Marcus Hedges and his Trend Orchestra!


The Deepest Breath by Nainita Desai

A spectacular free-diving documentary directed by Laura McGann deserves a spectacular soundtrack to accompany it. Composer Nainita Desai delivers yet again with her amazing creativity!


The Deepest Breath trailer

Lightness by Kindiva

Following on from their eponymous debut album, Kindiva release their single “Lightness”.

Kindiva are award-winning composer Hilgrove Kenrick and soprano and multi-instrumentalist Chloe May Evans.


Fragments: No.19, Saint George by Hilgrove Kenrick

Delightful flowing lines of calming and melodic piano flow from this track from Hilgrove Kenrick.

Mastering by John Elleson-Hartley.

Coco Chanel Unbuttoned

A documentary on Coco Chanel deserves a soundtrack of style, grace and sophistication. Here’s that music from composer Alexander Parsons.


Tea is Served by Alastair McNamara

Tea Is Served, a horror comedy VR game about crytpids, tea and death, with wickedly excellent music by composer Alastair McNamara. Listen below!