Roma Yagnik’s Night Watch for Bram Stoker Festival

This weekend is the Bram Stoker Festival in Dublin. The Night Watch section of the event has wonderful music and sound design by the fantastic composer Roma Yagnik.

This was a fun project to master and, whilst mastering it at night, definitely gave me some chills 😉

Night Watch by Roma Yagnik

Here’s the setup for the music:

Swathed in fog and foreboding lights, a sinewy forest of reflections shifts and sways on the water, while watching eyes blink and turn in the wind. Lurking further out in darker waters, a ghostly fragmented ship hovers, moored with unknown intent, while a ghostly fog shrouds a shadowy vampirical form. Superstition confuses science, fact and folklore intertwine as a slowly turning heart, caged in a ship’s wheel, pulses and beckons us deeper and deeper…

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