So far this year I have done eight DAT tape transfers and am being sent a couple more this week – in total that’s as many as I did for all of 2010!

These jobs are mainly from musicians realising that they have their precious music on DAT and they have no way of playing them, either because their machines no longer work or they sold them when the fantastic hard disk took over, and because they don’t know how long a DAT tape will last error free.

This weeks job is a couple of albums recorded about nine years ago and, once they’ve been digitally transferred using one of my two DAT machines, I’m going to be mastering them for re-release.

If you still have your music on DAT, CD-R/DVD-R/Hard Disks, don’t forget to check them periodically and keep them in a good environment to help them last as long as possible. And the essential thing to do? Make at least one backup copy – we’ve all experienced that horrible feeling of never being able to retrieve some music or data.


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