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Before You Upload…

Turn off effects on the stereo out (compressor/limiter/etc.). Leave something like a buss compressor if it’s part of your sound for that mix.

Headroom – make sure your mix isn’t clipping the stereo out and that the maximum peak of the track is nicely under 0dbFS. Around -6dbFS is a good place to aim for.

Track format – send WAV/AIF files at the sample rate you’re working at (usually 48kHz/44.1kHz) and 24bit.

Check your tracks for any issues like noises/clicks. Also bounce out your mix starting a bar before the start (stops the first transient being cut off) and leave a couple of bars at the end so reverb tails aren’t cut off.

Please ZIP up your file(s) before uploading – this is better for the integrity of your files during transfer.

In the upload message please give as much information as you can plus ask any questions you may have.

Thank you 🙂

MUSIKLAB Upload Button