There are some people probably wondering what a DAT is. The joy of being young!

When I was starting out not too many years ago way way back in the 1990s the Digital Audio Tape was, before the invasion of affordable hard drives and CD-Rs, a widely used stereo format in recording studios.

I liked using DAT; always found it worked extremely well and my trusty TASCAM DA-20 MKII, and SONY Portable TCD-D7, recorded many hours of music for me.

I was doing some digital transfers yesterday from a client’s batch of old DAT tapes (it’s sad how ‘old’, in this case, is only 8 years!) and it drew my attention to the large amount of my tracks that are on DAT.

There are some absolute masterpieces on those tapes from my early years (I know this to be fact because my dear Auntie told me) and I would like to keep them to enjoy a warm nostalgic moment later in life.

I’m now going to start the lengthy process of transferring them to hard drive, hopefully before that format is superseded!

How many of you still have your precious work on DATs? Do you still use them?

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